Old Friends

Today I met up with an old friend of mine – Michael. We used to be really close but somehow ended up not being in touch for years. It was really great to catch up and we had really great conversations. And I laughed all day, as I usually do around him.


Sheepshead Bay


Coney Island was poppin’ today

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Catching Up

Today was a busy day as I ended up meeting up with 3 different groups of people!

The first was the beautiful Alaina, who I was ecstatic to see and catch up with. We ate at a diner on Kings Highway and it was great to be around in Brooklyn.



Then I headed over to Lawrence’s for a small BBQ which was awesome. Met up with some good friends while meeting some new people! Some of us decided to head out to Marine Park which was a nice 15-20 minute walk away. I never realized how beautiful that place is! I definitely have to go there more often.


Are we still in Brooklyn??

And I went to go spend time with some family afterwards, since my grandma lives quite close to Lawrence! I suggested getting L&B pizza for dinner which is never a bad idea.


How do kids have so much energy?

It was a long day but worth every second of it.

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Malaysian Food

My mom took the day off so it started off with us planning to go to the beach, and then not doing it, and then just ending up going out for dinner at a Malaysian restaurant instead. Not a bad day at all.


Love this woman!

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Back to Stony

Rob’s car had to be left at Stony Brook after graduation because it doesn’t start up when it’s raining (he really needs a new car) so we began our trek back to Stony Brook today! And if I’m going to be anywhere near the Fort Greene area, I’m going to my love – 67 Burger!


Why are you so good to me, burger?

The burgers are a tad bit overpriced but they guarantee that you’ll walk away with an overfilled stomach… and they are so damn delicious.

After that was a LIRR ride back to Rob’s car, and a car ride back to Brooklyn. Long day but of course it was nice to see some friends along the way!

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Cool As A Cumumber

Went out for a walk on the boardwalk to the main area in Coney Island because it was a great day for it! And because I can. Coney Island has changed a lot since Hurricane Sandy (and just in general).


Spotted a new store called IT’SUGAR. You can’t help but go in.


Am I in Candy Crush?

The one downside about going out to Coney is that I ate so much junk food. From Nathan’s to ice cream to all the fried goodies there. I just couldn’t help myself! All visitors beware!

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L&B Spumoni Gardens

Since Rob is here in Brooklyn, I felt compelled to take him to L&B Spumoni Gardens. It’s just a Brooklyn classic, and not very far from my house! The scene is always so lively there.



If you’ve never been there, they’re known for their Sicilian slices! mmm.

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Re-entering the Blogging World

So it’s been about 3 years since I’ve last made a blog post. I was wondering why I stopped at first, but looking at the date, I probably started school again around the time I stopped. And then I probably just completely forgot about the blog, which is a little sad. The reason I remembered this again was because I wanted to make a new blog (or a few new ones) because I’ve had so many thoughts running through my head recently. I wanted one for random musings about life, and maybe even one so I can talk to Binland.

I can definitely see a benefit to blogging now – I looked over my past posts and a huge sense of nostalgia came over me. This blog is just filled with memories that I wouldn’t necessarily think about. What pains me is to see all the posts with Binland in it. With her recent death, I miss her more than EVER. But it makes me happy to remember all the times we had together. It’s important to document the little things in life. As much as I hung out with Binland, we did not take enough pictures together. That’s why I asked for a DSLR camera for my graduation gift (and that’s what my brother mustered up for me!) So to make up for lost time, I’m posting some pictures that hopefully make up for the 3 years that I stopped blogging. This blog was meant to be more light-hearted. A-picture-a-day kind of thing. I hope to keep it that way. ❤


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Georgia Aquarium

Road trippp. Amazing aquarium. Trip spent mostly in the car.

I think the whale sharks are what the aquarium’s most known for so this post deserves a picture dedicated to the bad quality picture I took of one :).

Do you speak whale?

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Bay Crew… Sorta

All summer I’ve been avoiding those damn middle school friends. No seriously though, things kept coming up and our hangouts kept on failing, and I miss those kids! Another last minute hangout today. Those never work well, especially when they’re last minute. So it was only me, Wilson, and Lilian, but hey I’m happy to see them too.

We didn’t get a good group picture, but I did sneak a picture of the two of them :).

Wilson looks so happy.

On a side note, we watched 500 Days of Summer and I LOVED it!! For more reasons than one.

And I’ve moved my love from Shane West to Joseph Gordon Levitt (who was in 500 Days of Summer and Inception – 2 movies I watched recently).

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Last minute hangout

Binland, Philip, Aleks and I had a last minute summer hangout after realizing how close school was. (Why do we procrastinate so?)

Great day, but no group picture.

Why is this in black and white? NO ONE WILL KNOW.

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